Sunday, November 20, 2011


I find great pleasure in looking at the clouds. They are beautiful and mysterious. Brilliant red, orange and yellow sunsets are the grail of cloud watching. I have been living in the woods with a limited view of the sky for the last 10 years, so I take great pleasure in seeing a vivid sunset or soft fluffy clouds lazily floating by in the sky.
This was an interesting sunset. Rippled radiating arms fanned out from a central point.
 These clouds have incredible depth and I was fascinated with all of the layers. I don't think that the photo comes even close to reality. This was after a strong rain storm with a tiny bit of blue sky peeking out at the bottom.
The clouds are forever changing and never the same twice. Whenever I look up, I see something new, and intriguing. These were floating along dreamily.
I will leave you with this beautiful shot that I took on 8.29.11 looking west over the Catskill Mountains.

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